Understanding Your Child 

Your child has immense potential. We need to understand and provide them right environment.

Birth to Age 7
 Your child tries to understand and make meaning for himself through five senses. He tastes, sees and touches every object to make meaning for him. Every sound and smell is a magic for her. Every word spoken is decoded by the child for its meaning, emotion and context. He learns by experimenting using different words, sentences, materials and emotions. Creativity, Imagination, and love are abundant in this stage. Now just imagine the damage you do to your child by putting in a school, which don’t understand your child.
Age 7 to Age 12
 From boundless energy and creativity of first seven years, the child tries to adapt to conventions of our world. With reluctance and loss of creativity, he follows the rules. But at the same time, he questions everything about life and fellow human behaviours. Reasoning and critical thinking is developing rapidly. They form opinions and prejudices if parents and teachers deny them opportunity to think to question the world.
Age 12 to Age 16
This is the stage for them to identify themselves with their mind, body and emotion. If they can discover their passion and focus on any particular at this age, they channel their energy to create things. They collaborate with others to finish
Birth to Age 7 
Needs unstructured play to keep their curiosity intact
Need multi sensory experience to enrich their learning expereince.
Age 7 to Age 12
Needs to explore various real life materials, environment
Needs practical challenges to learn to solve problems.
Needs to  capture patterns in life to self learn anything .
Age 12 to Age 16
Needs to be aware of strengths and weakness
Needs to be passionate about particular field
Need to collaborate with others and positively manage their own emotions.

Our Method

We Understand Your Child 

We don't restrict ourselves to any educational method. We follow the child. We redesign learning spaces, curriculum methods, and organization according to the needs of the child.
We provide individual learning plans for each child and provide resources to suit passion of each child. 


Our trained facilitators love children, open mind to learn with the children, make meaningful conversation with children and brings changes in the lives of children. 

WOrld CLASS Infrastructure

We have 16 acre campus with world class facilities to provide right learning environment for children. Our spacious learning spaces have teacher children ratio of 1:18. 


We are KG to XII school. We are offering ICSE board exams for X std and XII std with additional option of choosing IGCSE. 

36 Learning Pathyways

We provide 36 learning pathways for children to choose. This enables them to get admission into Top 25 colleges in India and abroad and build leading careers in 18 different professions.